Joyous Reed Diffuser Gift Box

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Fill your room with the Aroma of Pure essential oils. 

Grapefruit Mandarin & Patchouli will put a spring in your step and leave you feeling Joyous! 

Completely natural ingredients mean that you are not filling the air with anything but nature's finest aromatherapy. Kind  blend with natural solubiliser and hydrolats to make this a truly luxurious fragrance. No nasty parabens or alcohol.


Gift box comes complete with:

  • 50ml of Joyous diffuser essential oils & Hydrolat blend
  • 1 x Rose diffuser
  • 6x reed diffuser

Historic Benefits of Essential Oils in a diffuser: 

Patchouli: Grounding and emotional balance, Aphrodisiac, Calming

Mandarin: Uplifting, Soothing

Grapefruit: Mood balancing, antibacterial, Uplifting

Flip your reed diffuser sticks over weekly to maintain the fragrance.  


Lovingly created and blended by KIND