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Why Switch to LastRound

At first sight, cotton seems like a great material: it`s biodegradable, soft, and plant based. But have you ever wondered just how environmentally friendly it really is?

The answer is not so much. It takes around 20,000 litres of water to create 1kg of cotton. Besides, cotton contributes to environmental pollution through the use of pesticides and insecticides. It also exposes both cotton growers and consumers to toxic chemicals that are used during production.

Our mission is to help the planet by developing alternatives to single use products. There is no planet B!

LastRound is a sustainable alternative to single-use cotton rounds.
We use 100% natural and eco-friendly materials during the production of LastRound. Even the packaging is recycable.

If you care about our planet and the amount of waste, simply rethink your habits and switch to LastRound.