A Kind Story

This is where it all began!

Inspired to create a solid skincare balm, to effectively barrier and protect from all the rigors of outdoor climbing. The market leaders were imported and expensive, I persuaded my son to let me try and make it for him. EUREKA! Everybody that tried it, loved it and said that it bettered or at least equaled what was already out there. CLIMB was born.

Even as a small producer, I have managed to make a larger size for less money, less environmental impact (not being imported) and I am more in control of choosing the most sustainable and ethical ingredients and packaging.

Next came my grandson!

“Nanny, my skin hurts” Troubled with angry sore skin, he asked me to soothe it for him... Yes you’ve guessed it, SOOTHE was created. I was as blown away with the results of this as I was with the “Climb” balm.

Months and months of developing and testing.


to all my wonderful lovely friends and family that continuously tried it out for me and gave me lots of very honest feedback.

I continued to create lotions for clients that came to me as an Aromatherapist. I decided to develop a range of butters and lotions that truly made a difference to people’s lives and named these 'Inspired by'.


Parker, Tiylan, Daisy & Ricky.

My story has only just begun and I’m loving the journey (even the bumpy bits)