Cedarwood Essential Oil

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Cedarwood ~ Cedrus atlantica 10ml

Favourite Essential Oils, like music can for me change with my mood or the weather. Cedarwood is often a favourite during the winter months, there is something warm, cosy and reassuring about it. 

Traditionally Cedarwood relaxes and enhances mood by reducing stress and easing tension to clear the mind to allow focus. 

Popular in hair products (you can add a little to your shampoo) Cedarwwod  can stimulate circulation and tighten hair folicles to encourage healthy hair growth, slow hair loss and thinning.

For your skin, Cedarwood can soothe dry itchy skin, soothe irritation, redness and inflammation.  Guards against environmental pollutants and toxins to reduce acne and signs of aging. Best of all, it keep those pesky insects away and maintains a youthful looking skin.