Lemon Essential Oil

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Lemon Essential oil (Citrus Limone) 10ml  

The uplifting citrus scent is clean, energising and will leaving you feeling better for having it around. Sweet, Zesty, Tangy Lemon essential oil, expressed from the peel of the Lemon.  Great for boosting immunity too!  

How many uses and benefits does this miraculous oil have?! 

Possibly one of the most versatile, hard working essential oils. I use Lemon all over the house. 

Not only is it incredibly hard working for you and your home, Lemon Essential Oil acts as a synergist. That means, when blended with other essential oils, your power house Lemon essential oil will get the other oils to work harder, faster, better.  

I use it by the bucket load. In my Skincare, Shampoo, Room fresheners, carpet freshener and best of all, it makes the house smell great when you add it to your toilet cleaner bombs (Recipe to follow) 


Use in your diffuser to create an uplifting aroma to encourage positivity. Lemon Essential Oil has been shown to energise, improve mood and will leave the place smelling fresh and wonderful.